Real Estate Investment Services ( REIS) is a full service Association Management Company  providing management expertise and specialized services to Condominium and Homeowners Associations in an efficient and a cost effective manner. Our team is led by experienced and insightful professionals who are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service. 
Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) allows the Board of Directors to focus on the governance of their Associations rather than micro-managing the day-to-day operation and administrative details. Whether Full Service Management or Specific Task Services, it is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves worthy and committed.
Services We Provide:

Full Service Management
Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) is committed to managing your Association in the way you want it managed. The Board of Directors maintaining control while we conduct the day to day business in your Association's name. We understand that no two Associations are the same. We customize our services to suit each Association's individual needs allowing us to effectively manage an Association of any size.   
 Specific Task Services
Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) offers various options to a well-established and well-run community. By utilizing our expertise Board of Directors and the Association Members are able to obtain our customized, high quality and cost effective Specific Task Service.
Developer Services

Real Estate Investment Services (REIS) clearly understands what you as the Developer    expect from a Management Company for new communities. Our goal is to make your job easy and to assure the new homeowners in the community receive the same high quality customer experience from our company that they receive from yours. We work with developers and new communities to manage and lead new communities from the point the Governing Documents and Budgets are created.